The First Slap

The First Slap Book

Tara is a survivor of horrific domestic violence abuse from her former husband, and now through her book and motivational speaking she is empowering individuals, to live a life where they are loved, appreciated and respected.

This is a unique book, in that after each chapter; the professional authors have given an expert understanding on the Tara's experience. This book is a must have for all professionals and non-professionals dealing with and supporting victims of domestic violence. This book will not only contribute to our knowledge but also contribute to understanding of this issue from a diverse range in a unique approach.

The Purpose of the Book

The reason Tara wrote this book, is that she understands that when suffering from domestic violence it is easier said than done to leave the partner. Domestic abuse can affect the mind, body and soul, and indeed it distorts the identity of self. The aim of writing this book is to encourage other victims to be empowered when making the decision to leave.

Domestic violence impacts people from all backgrounds. The power of how domestic violence takes over your life can impact anyone, no matter what their cultural background, professional status or socio - economic background.

She wrote this book with two leading professionals, so not only was it her personal story told, but professional insights were included to enable people to leave their abusive partners and never return. Finally, she believes that each one of us deserves a relationship where we are respected, loved, appreciated, supported and enhanced and where abuse of any form has no home. For home is where you should feel the safest and have a true sense of belonging.

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“This is an intensely honest account of how a happy, hopeful and loving relationship can transform overnight into an abusive, controlling and violent marriage from which the victim feels she cannot escape. By bravely telling her story, the author will help others who are trapped in a similarly horrifics ituation.” Harcharan Chandhoke, Daily Mail
“Gripping, highly emotional, informative and such a powerful narrative through the entire life cycle of abuse. Thought provoking, deeply moving. It helped me to understand even more deeply the perspective of those abused. Well done!” Dr Gurprit Pannu, Clinical Director(NHS)
“This book will blow minds.This book is well written and so good,that it not only will stick with you long after you put it down, but it will alter the way you view the subject of domestic violence.The author makes you want to know and explore the future of domestic violence as well as humanity itself.” Dr Tariq Khan, Consultant Psychiatrist